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$100: Blizzak® LM-001, LM-32, W965, LT
$70: Blizzak® DM-V2, WS90

OCT 1 – DEC 14

BFGoodrich  Tire

AUG 31 – NOV 1

$40: All Passenger and Light Truck Tires

OCT 1 – DEC 14

uniroyal Tire

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$100: Destination™ XT
$75: Destination™ A/T2
$50: Destination™ LE3
$40: WeatherGrip



Winter 2020 tire Rebates 

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$30: All Winter Lines

OCT 15 – DEC 15

falken tire

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Green Leaf Tire
Green Leaf Tire  is a tire and wheel retail business located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. We have been in business since 2014 and provide our customers with a large selection of tires and wheels to fit their requirements.  Since we are not a traditional tire shop we do not install tires on your vehicle but can offer you free balance and mounting of tire and wheels when purchased together, where you can bolt them on at your convenience .  We only sell new tires and wheels all with warranties through the manufacturers, also offering online sales across Canada.

Wheel brands:​
ACHTUNG  ALPHAequipt  ALUTEC  American Force  American Racing  American Racing Authentic Hot Rod  ANDROS  ASA  ASANTI Black Label  Axis  BBS  Borbet  Braelin  Bremmer Kraft  DAI Alloys  Dub  Enkei Performance Series  Enkei Racing Series  Enkei Truck Series  Enkei Tuning Series  Fast wheels   Fast HD   FLOW ONE Race Spec  Focal  Foose  Ford Performance  Fuel Off-Road  Granite Alloy®  GRID  Helo  KMC  KMC XD Series Kosei  LP Aventure  Method  Method Rally Series  moda®  MHT Luxury Alloys  Monte TITANO  MOTEGI RACING  MOTO METAL  MSW  Niche  OE Creations   O.Z. Racing  O.Z. Racing Atelier Forged  O.Z. Racing Tuner System  Platinum  Phatfux  Quad  RADIUS  RIAL  Ruffino  Ruffino Hard  Replica  Replika  Rotoform  RSSW  720 Form  Savini Black di Forza  Sparco  Sport Edition  Sport Muscle  Sport Terrain  Sport Tuning  Starke Design 
TRMotorsports®  Ultra  Ultra Motorsports Xtreme  Ultra Muscle  Ultra Trailer  Verde  Walker Evans Racing  

​Tire brands:
​BF Goodrich  Bridgestone  Continental  Cooper  Dick  Cepek  Dunlop  Falken  Farroad  Firestone  Fuzion  General  Gislaved  Goodyear  GT Radial  Hercules  Hoosier Racing  Ironman  Kelly  Kumho  Laufenn  Maxtrek  Mazzini  Michelin  Mickey Thompson  Minerva  Nankang  Nexen  Nitto  OHTSU  Pirelli  Powerking  Riken  Rovelo  Starfire  Sumitomo   Toyo  Uniroyal  Vredestein  Westlake  Yokohama  Zeta 

Toronto / Mississauga: 647 799 3115  
Mississauga pick up Location  (by appointment only) ​www.greenleaftire.ca  ​ 

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OCT 1 – DEC 15

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$80: Wildpeak A/T Trail
$60: Winterpeak F-Ice 1, Eurowinter HS449, Espia EPZ II, EPZ II SUV

OCT 19 – NOV 27

hankook Tire

SEPT 19 – DEC 15

kumho Tire

firestone Tire

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$100: ContiWinterContact™ TS860 S, TS850 P, TS830 P, TS810 P
$60: All other Continental Tires (excluding TrueContact™, TrueContact™ Tour)

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$80: WinterCraft WP71, WP72, WS71, RoadVenture AT51
$60: WinterCraft Wi31, Wi31+, WS51, I’Zen KW31, Crugen HT51
$40: Winter PorTran CW11, WinterCraft WP51, Solus HA31
​$100 / $120 CAA* Winter 270 Sottozero™ Serie II
$70 / $90 CAA*: Winter Sottozero™ Family, P Zero™ Winter, Winter Snowcontrol™ Family,Winter Snowsport™ Family, Winter Scorpion™ Family, Scorpion™ Ice Zero 2,Scorpion™ All Terrain Plus (Winter Approved)
$50 / $70 CAA*: Winter Ice Zero™ FR, Ice Zero™, Cinturato™ 

SEPT 14 – DEC 31

$40 mail-in rebate

with the purchase of 4 eligible new Nexen tires.
From September1 to December 6, 2020.
$70: Winter® T/A KSI® & Advantage™ Family
$50: All other BFGoodrich® Passenger or Light Truck Tires

Goodyear Tire

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$40: I FIT Ice, X FIT AT

SEPT 15 – DEC 15

Dunlop Tires

 SEPT 1 – DEC 6, 2020

bridgestone Tire

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$70: Observe™ GSi-6, HP, LS, Observe™ GSi-5, Open Country® C/T, Q/T, WLT1, A/T II & AW,A/T II Xtreme, H/T II & H/T, R/T, M/T, Celsius®, Celsius® CUV
$60: Versado® Noir, ECO, Extensa™ HP II, Proxes 4 Plus, 4 (select sizes), S/T III
$50: Observe™ G3-ICE (factory pre-studded models included), Extensa™ A/S II, A/S, Eclipse™, H09

general Tire

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$35: Four (4) select General Tire™ brand Passenger or Light Truck Tires (excluding
Evertrek™ RTX and Grabber™ STX purchases)

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$100: BluEarth® Winter V905
$70: iceGUARD® iG53, G075, Geolandar® G055, A/T G015, X-CV® G057, H/T G056,X-AT™ G016, AVID Ascend® LX, GT, Parada Spec X™
$50: AVID Touring-S®
$50: Avalanche® TT, RT, XUV, Terra Trac® ATII 3PMS

michelin Tire

Yokohama Tire

pirelli Tire

SEPT 1 – DEC 31

OCT 1 – DEC 15

GT RAdial Tires

SEPT 14 – DEC 31

OCT 19 – NOV 27

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$75: Winter Maxx® 2, SJ8™
$50: SP™ Winter Sport 3D, ROF, SP™ Winter Sport 4D, NST, ROF


OCT 1 – DEC 31


OCT 1 – DEC 1

continental Tire

LaufeNn Tires

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$100: Assurance® WeatherReady®, Wrangler® A/T Adventure with Kevlar®, Eagle® Exhilarate™,WinterCommand™ Ultra
$75: WinterCommand™, LT, Assurance® MaxLife™
$50: Ultra Grip® Ice WRT, WRT LT, Ultra Grip® 8 Performance, ROF, Wrangler® TrailRunner AT,
Mastercard® Prepaid Card
$100: Winter i*cept evo2, SUV, i*cept iZ2, Winter i*Pike, RS, RW11, Dynapro AT2

OCT 5 – DEC 13

OCT 8 – DEC 15

Mickey thompson  tire

TOYO Tires

Hercules Tire

OCT 1 – DEC 15

$70: All Michelin® Passenger or Light Truck Tires

OCT 1 – DEC 1

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$100: Discoverer® S/T Maxx™
$60: Discoverer® AT3 4S™, AT3 LT™, AT3 XLT™, EnduraMax™, Snow Claw™, SRX™, True North™
$50: CS5 Ultra Touring™, Grand Touring™, Evolution Winter™, Discoverer® M+S™

cooper tire

*Offers available for a limited time only. The offers listed on this page are the exclusive responsibility of the manufacturer making the offer and are subject to change. Green Leaf Tire Inc. is not responsible for the fulfillment or administration of the offers listed on this page. All offers are subject to the specific terms and conditions noted in relation to the offer. Any questions, comments, or customer relations matters must be directed to the manufacturer making the offer. By continuing on to the offers listed on this page, you agree that Green Leaf Tire is not responsible for any errors contained in any offer and release Green Leaf Tire Inc. from all liability associated with any offers listed on this page.