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GreenLeaf Tire Inc. is a tire and wheel retail business registered in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. We provide our customers with a large selection of tires and wheels to fit their requirements.  Since we are not a traditional tire shop we do not install tires on your vehicle but can offer you free balance and mounting of tire and wheels (TPMS if required) when purchased together, where you can bolt them on at your convenience .  We only sell new tires and wheels all with warranties through the manufacturers, also offering online sales across Canada.

SIZE EACH     Plus tax SIZE EACH     Plus tax
105/80R13   145/80D17  
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  $80 Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  107M $133
105/70D14   Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  97M $223
Kumho Spare Tire T121    84M $55 Goodyear Convenience Spare    97M $242
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  $101 Bridgestone Tracompa-2   107M $248
115/70D14   Falken FK-090   107M $81
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  88M $91 Firestone Tempa Spare Radial.  97M $150
Bridgestone Tracompa-3   88M $136 155/70D17  
125/70D14   Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  110M $148
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  93M $114 Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  110M $329
Bridgestone Tracompa-3   93M $188 Goodyear Convenience Spare    110M $361
105/70D15   Bridgestone Tracompa-2   110M $280
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  85M $112 Continental CST 17   110M $231
115/70D15   155/80D17  
Kumho Spare Tire T121    90L $66 Falken FK-090   100M $96
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  90M $116 Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  100M $142
Continental CST 17   90M $158 Firestone Tempa Spare Radial.  101M $158
Kumho Spare Tire T121    ` $71 Bridgestone TRR   100M $432
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  95M $121 155/90D17  
Bridgestone Tracompa-3   95M $196 Kumho Spare Tire T131    101M $108
Continental CST 17   95M $134 Kumho Temporary Spare.  101M $115
125/80D15   165/80D17  
Hankook Temporary Spare.  NA $65 Yokohama Y870C    104M $130
Kumho Spare Tire T121    95M $85 Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  104M $252
135/70D15   Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  104M $259
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  99M $82 Goodyear Convenience Spare    104M $284
135/80D15   Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  104M $147
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  99M $121 Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  104M $147
Bridgestone Tracompa-2   99M $221 Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  104M $148
135/90D15   Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  104M $148
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  $89 Continental CST 17   104M $226
125/70D16   165/90D17  
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  $131 Kumho Spare Tire T131    116M $103
Bridgestone Tracompa-3   96M $213 Kumho Spare Tire T121    116M $108
Continental CST 17   96M $142 Kumho Temporary Spare.  116M $122
125/80D16   Continental CST 17   105M $240
Hankook Temporary Spare.  NA $67 175/90D17  
Kumho Spare Tire T121    97M $90 Goodyear Convenience Spare    109M $139
125/90D16   235/85R17  
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  98M $117 Goodyear Radial Convenience Spare.  113S $474
Continental CST 17   98M $142 Goodyear Radial Spare   113S $528
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  $131 265/70R17  
Bridgestone Tracompa-3   100M $236 Firestone Tempa Spare Radial.  113S $173
Firestone Tempa Spare Radial.  100M $142 125/70R18  
Continental CST 17   100M $147 Continental CST 17   99M $201
135/80D16   135/70R18  
Yokohama Y870B   101M $92 Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  103M $196
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  101M $127 135/80R18  
Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  101M $216 Kumho Temporary Spare.  104M $124
Firestone Tempa Spare Radial.  101M $136 Pirelli Spare Tyre   104M $134
135/90D16   145/70D18  
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  $122 Yokohama Y870C    107M $138
Bridgestone Tracompa-2   102M $240 Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  107M $207
Firestone Tempa Spare Radial.  102M $127 Bridgestone TRR   107M $410
Continental CST 17   102M $142 145/80D18  
Continental CST 17   102M $145 Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  99M $259
145/80D16   Goodyear Convenience Spare    99M $266
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  $133 155/60R18  
Bridgestone Tracompa-2   105M $232 Continental CST 17   107M $174
Kumho Spare Tire T131    106M $96 155/85R18  
145/90D16   Continental CST 17   115M $144
Yokohama Y870B   106M $96 155/90D18  
Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  106M $210 Dunlop Temporary Spare.  113M $158
155/90D16   Dunlop Space Miser   113M $157
Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  100M $186 165/90D18  
Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  110M $237 Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  107M $152
Goodyear Convenience Spare    100M $223 175/90D18  
Kumho Spare Tire T121    110M $93 Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  111M $281
Firestone Tempa Spare Radial.  110M $145 175/90D18  
115/95R17   Goodyear Convenience Spare    111M $312
Continental CST 17   95M $120 125/70R19  
125/70D17   Continental CST 17   100M $245
Yokohama Y870C    98M $120 135/70R19  
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  98M $142 Kumho Temporary Spare.  105M $127
Bridgestone Tracompa-2   98M $253 Kumho Spare Tire T131    105M $138
Falken FK-090   98M $66 145/80R19  
Continental CST 17   98M $161 Continental Spare Tire.  110M $103
125/80R17   Continental CST 17   110M $236
Continental CST 17   99M $171 155/70R19  
135/70D17   Continental CST 17   113M $248
Goodyear Convenience Spare    92M $140 155/80R19  
Goodyear Convenience Spare    92M $229 Continental CST 17   114M $255
Firestone Tempa Spare Radial.  102M $148 165/90D19  
135/80D17   Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  119M $258
Kumho Temporary Spare.  103M $100 Goodyear Convenience Spare    119M $266
Kumho Spare Tire T131    103M $114 175/80R19  
Goodyear Convenience Spare    103M $253 Continental CST 17   122M $267
Continental Spare Tire.  102M $99 145/60R20  
Continental CST 17   102M $180 Continental CST 17   105M $272
135/90D17   165/60R20  
Kumho Spare Tire T121    104M $100 Continental Spare Tire.  113M $114
Kumho Temporary Spare.  104M $106
Goodyear O/E Spare Tires.  104M $223
Goodyear Convenience Spare    104M $226
Kumho Spare Tire T121    104M $100
Yokohama Y870C    106M $130
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  106M $196
Bridgestone Tracompa-2   106M $410
Bridgestone Temporary Spare "Tracompa".  106M $196


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