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Mississauga:   647 799 3550
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Rial Arktis, Bright Silver Paint , 16 Inch….$136
Rial Arktis, Bright Silver Paint , 17 Inch….$153
Rial Arktis, Bright Silver Paint , 18 Inch….$179
Rial Bavaro, Bright Silver Paint , 16 Inch….$183
Rial Bavaro, Bright Silver Paint , 17 Inch….$212
Rial Kodiak, Bright Silver Paint , 18 Inch….$199
Rial Kodiak, Graphite Silver , 18 Inch….$176
Rial Milano, Titanium Gunmetal , 16 Inch….$166
Rial W10X, Bright Silver Paint , 18 Inch….$213-247
Rial W10X, Bright Silver Paint , 19 Inch….$283
Rial X10, Black Painted , 17 Inch….$179
Rial X10, Bright Silver Paint , 16 Inch….$134
Rial X10, Metal Grey , 16 Inch….$136
Rial X10, Metal Grey , 17 Inch….$155

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GreenLeaf tire

GreenLeaf Tire Inc. is a tire and wheel retail business registered in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. We provide our customers with a large selection of tires and wheels to fit their requirements.  Since we are not a traditional tire shop we do not install tires on your vehicle but can offer you free balance and mounting of tire and wheels (TPMS if required) when purchased together, where you can bolt them on at your convenience .  We only sell new tires and wheels all with warranties through the manufacturers, also offering online sales across Canada.

RIAL  Xplosive (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  X10X (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  X10X (Black Painted)
RIAL  X10-I (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  X10-I (Black Painted)
RIAL  X10 (Metal Grey)
RIAL  X10 (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  X10 (Black Painted)
RIAL  W10X (Titanium Gunmetal)
RIAL  W10X (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  W10 (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  Transporter (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  Salerno (Silver Painted)
RIAL  Salerno (Anthracite Painted)
RIAL  Quinto (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  P10 (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  P10 (Black Painted)
RIAL  Murago (Bright Satin Sil Paint)
RIAL  Milano (Titanium Gunmetal)
RIAL  M10X (Metal Grey)
RIAL  M10 (Metal Grey)
RIAL  M10 (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  M10 (Black Painted)
RIAL  Lugano OE Cap (Graphite Silver)
RIAL  Lugano OE Cap (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  Lugano (Titanium Gunmetal)
RIAL  Lugano (Machined w Titan Gunmetal Acct)
RIAL  Lugano (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  Le Mans (Bright Satin Sil Paint)
RIAL  Kodiak (Graphite Silver)
RIAL  Kodiak (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  DH (Silver Painted)
RIAL  Catania (Bright Satin Sil Paint)
RIAL  Bavaro (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  W10X (Machined with Black Accent)
RIAL  Quinto (Machined with Black Accent)
RIAL  P10 (Gloss Black Painted)
RIAL  M10X (Bright Silver Paint)
RIAL  M10X (Black Painted)
RIAL  Arktis (Bright Silver Paint)

Rial Wheels