About Enkei
Custom aftermarket wheels are as much a part of who we are as the clothes we wear, the vehicles we drive and of course the performance that we expect. ENKEI custom wheels deliver the latest in wheel designs, composite alloy technology such as, casting/forged processes, rigid testing that must pass stringent JGTC Standards and unsurpassed manufacturing facilities. Enkei is dedicated to perfection and delivers the best in aftermarket wheels.
Today, the Enkei group is commercially active throughout Asia, North America, Latin America and Europe, supplying all the largest Japanese car manufacturers and General Motors in the OEM market, as well as countless consumers in the automotive aftermarket. Enkei also produces sophisticated high-tech race wheels for a variety of motorsport, including rallying, drift, sportscar racing and single-seater racing – including supplying lightweight magnesium Formula 1 race wheels to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. Enkei has been an Official Supplier to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes since 1995.

Enkei has been racing in top competition championships of the world for three decades. As a result of continuous improvement and technological advances, Enkei continues its winning tradition and constantly challenges new horizons in wheel technology.

Since its formation in 1950, Enkei’s history has been continuous challenges and adventures to deliver the most innovative and the highest quality wheels to top racers and car enthusiasts. Today, Enkei has grown to be the number one aluminum wheel manufacturer to satisfy demand from leading automakers and aftermarket wheel users around the world. One step forward. With its courage to take the next step ahead of others, Enkei continues to strive to exceed the expectations of the most demanding drivers.
 Konig Tweaked Gloss Black with a Red Stripe 
 Konig Tweaked Silver with a Machined Spoke Faces 
 Konig Ultraform Gloss Graphite Gray 
 Konig Ultraform Gold 
 Konig Unknown Black with Machined Spoke Faces and Lip 
 Konig Ampliform Dark Metallic Graphite Gray 
 Konig Ampliform Gloss Bronze 
 Konig Backbone Matte Black 
 Konig Countergram Hyperchrome with a Machined Lip 
 Konig Countergram Matte Black with a Matte Machined Lip 
 Konig Crown Gloss Black with Machined Spoke Faces 
 Konig Dekagram Gloss Bronze 
 Konig Dekagram Matte Black 
 Konig Dial In Gloss Black 
 Konig Dial In Gloss Gold 
 Konig Dial In Matte Gray 
 Konig Freeform Matte Silver 
 Konig Freeform Radium Bronze 
 Konig Helium Bronze 
 Konig Helium Matte Black 
 Konig Helium Silver 
 Konig Illusion Black with Ball Cut Machined Spoke Windows 
 Konig Illusion Black with Blue Ball Cut Machined Spoke Windows 
 Konig Illusion Black with Red Ball Cut Machined Spoke Windows 
 Konig Impression Gloss Black with Machined Spoke Edge and Outer Lip Ring 
 Konig Incident Graphite with Machined Spoke Faces and Outer Lip 
 Konig Intention Gloss Black with Machined Spoke Faces and Outer Lip 
 Konig Interflow Metalic Silver with Machined Spoke Faces 
 Konig Lace Gloss Black with Machined Spoke Faces 
 Konig Lockout Gloss Black 
 Konig Lockout Matte Bronze 
 Konig Myth Gloss Black with Blue Tinted Clearcoat Spoke Faces and Lip Ring 
 Konig Myth Gloss Black with Red Tinted Clearcoat Spoke Faces and Lip Ring 
 Konig Myth Gloss Black 
 Konig Rennform Matte Gray 
 Konig Rewind Graphite with Machined Lip 
 Konig Rewind Silver with Machined Lip 
 Konig Runlite Gold 
 Konig Runlite Matte Black 
 Konig Runlite Matte Gray 
 Konig SSM Gloss Black with a Machined Lip 

Konig Wheels

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GreenLeaf Tire Inc. is a tire and wheel retail business registered in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. We provide our customers with a large selection of tires and wheels to fit their requirements.  Since we are not a traditional tire shop we do not install tires on your vehicle but can offer you free balance and mounting of tire and wheels (TPMS if required) when purchased together, where you can bolt them on at your convenience .  We only sell new tires and wheels all with warranties through the manufacturers, also offering online sales across Canada.


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